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And Then There Was A Blog...

Boom first blog post! Super excited guys to be able to use this tool to lay out some information and other aspects of whats going on in my production life. For those that do know me, I've been amazingly fortunate with experiences and accolades so far. I wanted to make sure to include those that follow me on Instagram and Facebook more in day to day productions and maybe pass on a little more information along the way!

One of the most exciting things on the horizon is my RED Weapon 8k S35 coming in soon. That name RED attracts a lot of attention. Some love it, some hate it. True RED has some issues in their early days. In present day though, in my opinion they offer the most versatile tool out there. There's no question that production today runs the gamut. One day I'll be working on a high end commercial, the next I'll be doing a small local charity web video. For me, having a scalable tool that can work in high end or mid-grade industrial work for multi camera stuff was key. I love my FS7. It is by far the most fantastic camera for the price I have found and I still think so. I'm hoping though the RED both opens new opportunities but more importantly removes any opportunity for me to blame the gear.

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